"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name."
Psalm 100:4

Thanks. It’s something that we typically offer after we have received something. But as Pastor Steven has taught, we believe that before we ask God for anything, we should thank Him for everything.

Let’s spend 52 days offering thanks and praise to God for all He has done. Thanking Him for our families, for His provision, for His faithfulness. Thanking Him for the ways He has drawn us closer to Himself and ways He has shown His glory through our lives.

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Thank you for your immeasurable glory, Father.
Words will never adequately describe your wondrous character. You are the rock, the cornerstone, the firm foundation of all creation and I long to build my life on you. Make my default disposition gratitude and my native tongue thanksgiving and praise. You are God most high, worthy of all honor for all eternity. Thank you for revealing yourself to us.
In Jesus Name.

Day 2

Thank you for inhabiting my praise, Jesus.
My soul finds fulfillment in following your precepts and glorifying your name. You are worthy of my praise when I feel it and when I don't. Because you are always watching over me, I turn to you as my everlasting source of help.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for filling me with joy, Father.
Since I know you are my guide and because you have promised to fight for me I have peace and comfort in your presence. Therefore, my joy will not be determined by what happens to me today, but by what you are doing in me and through me. I choose joy, Lord! I will praise you no matter what comes my way.
In Jesus Name.

Day 4

Thank you for always being available to me, God.
I don't always hear or see you, but I trust that you are there. You lead me beside still waters and accompany me through dark valleys. Speak to me through your Word today, for it is the wellspring of my life.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for the people who have shown me your love, Father.
Your word has never returned void and I will speak it for all my days. Thank you for using my words to draw others nearer to you. Give me the strength to bring grace to everyone I interact with today.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for defeating my every enemy, Father.
I trust that no matter what fire stands before me, you are there to bring me through it unscathed. Thank you for planting within me the same power that overcame death and hell. Because you are faithful, I will decide not to fear any evil today.
In Jesus Name.

Day 7

Thank you for every experience you have given me, Jesus.
Even in ordinary, insignificant moments, you are crafting a story of your faithfulness. You inhabit every memory in my life and I cannot deny your power at work within me. Put the words in my mouth today that will attest to your glory.
In Jesus Name.

Day 8

Thank you for your uniqueness, Father.
There has never been a God like you; there is no name more worthy of my praise. Break me of any temptation to replace your glorious throne with my own broken idols. Lift me to your altitude today so that I might bow at your feet.
In Jesus Name.

Day 9

Thank you for being inescapable, God.
I have rejoiced in your brightest blessings and you have comforted me in my darkest despair. There is nowhere I can go that you have not gone before. Encourage my spirit so that my strength may rise in your presence.
In Jesus Name.

Day 10

Thank you for pursuing me, Father.
You saw my sin, yet stopped at nothing to reconcile me to you. Even if I struggle to find your presence today, I know that you will find me and be pleased to call me your child. Today I find my confidence in your grace, which does in me what the law was powerless to do.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for your Church, Jesus.
Wherever your people go, there you are with them. Thank you for planting my life in good soil that allows me to grow into the person you intended me to be. Empower me today to unify with the people you have placed around me so that we might bring your Kingdom to earth.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for your humility, Jesus.
You sat enthroned in heaven, but chose to come to earth to redeem me. Thank you for becoming like me in death so that I may see myself in you. Humble me today, Lord, that I might accurately reflect the humility of your character to those around me.
In Jesus Name.

Day 13

Thank you for never leaving me, God.
Though I feel far from you, you are always close. Your endless patience and your unmatched kindness leads me to repentance each day. I come to you today unashamed, for I know you will lift my head.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for the depth of your love, Father.
You stretch your compassion beyond every horizon and to the depths of every sea. Your ways are so high above my understanding, I cannot help but worship you. Thank you for calling me to trust you and your matchless love even when I can't comprehend you.
In Jesus Name.

Day 15

Thank you for speaking life over me, Jesus.
Every word you have spoken is both alive and true. Though I cannot silence the noise of the world around me, tune my ear to hear your voice above all others. I choose today to receive the transformational power of your Word.
In Jesus Name.

Day 16

Thank you for choosing me, Father.
Before I was born, you set aside a plan and a purpose for my life. Break me of the temptation to prove myself to those around me, for you approved of me before I ever took a breath. Strengthen me today not to live up to anyone's expectations, but to live out of the abundance of your divine acceptance.
In Jesus Name.

Day 17

Thank you for the beauty of your creation, God.
Every natural wonder in this world bears a mark of your image. From the moment you breathed the stars into existence, you have made yourself known throughout the universe. Fill me today with a greater appreciation for the work of your hands, Lord.
In Jesus Name.

Day 18

Thank you for the hope of knowing you, Father.
You have done great things in my life, but you are just getting started. Though I may plan the course of my life, your divine purpose will exceed my every expectation. I look to you today with an expectant heart, and I will rejoice at how you move.
In Jesus name.

Day 19

Thank you for forgiving me, Jesus.
Whether I fail or I succeed, nothing can separate me from the eternal forgiveness I have in you. Even my greatest acts are filthy rags in your sight, yet you stand as my advocate before God Himself. I surrender every root of bitterness in my own heart so that I may forgive others the way you forgive me.
In Jesus Name.

Day 20

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity, God.
What I lack in resource you restore with every spiritual blessing that comes from knowing you. Teach me to give today, even if it hurts. Create within me today a heart that rejoices with every opportunity to give back to you.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for the joy of friendship, Jesus.
You are cloaked in majestic wonder, but you wrap your arms around me and call me friend. Thank you for the people in my life with whom I can share the life-giving power of knowing you. Humble me today so that I might love them the way you first loved me.
In Jesus Name.

Day 22

Thank you for creating me, Father.
From dust you have formed me, but in your image you will shape me. Thank you for the precious care you took to make me exactly as you intended for me to be. Assure me today that you have given me everything I need to be the person you want me to be.
In Jesus Name.

Day 23

Thank you for a voice to worship you, Father.
You have lifted my head every time I have lifted my voice to you. My spirit rejoices with every opportunity I have to declare your mighty truths. Awaken my soul today to the liberating power of praising you.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for accepting me, Jesus.
You have removed every veil that might keep me from entering into your presence. I have done nothing to earn your love, but you lavish it upon me in abundant measure. I come to you today in awe of your glorious presence.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for the power of your Word, God.
My mind is filled with anxious, discouraging, and doubtful thoughts, but your promises have the authority to erase them. Let the words you have spoken resound in my heart and come alive in my faith. I am open only to the unfailing truths you wish to speak to me today.
In Jesus name.

Day 26

Thank you for hearing me, Father.
You stand faithfully beside me in every circumstance and you turn an attentive ear to my cries. I trust that you are answering every prayer I lift to you, even if the results aren't obvious. Give me the confidence today to boldly come to you with my every need.
In Jesus name.

Thank you for providing for me, Father.
You know every detail of every living creature, yet you care specifically for me. I acknowledge that everything I have comes from you. No matter how I feel today, I will choose to call myself blessed.
In Jesus name.

Day 28

Thank you for changing me, Jesus.
I acknowledge that you are the author of my faith and I trust that you are perfecting me day by day. Fix my eyes on you so that I may see the example of who I am becoming. I am not perfect, but with your help I will become more like you today.
In Your name.

Thank you for protecting me, Father.
My faith in you is a shield, guarding me from every attack that may come against me. You have equipped me with everything I need to do exactly what you called me to do today. Even when I feel unworthy, I will praise you for clothing me with your righteousness.
In Jesus name.

Day 30

Thank you for waking me up today, Jesus.
I will use my voice to praise you today. I will shake off all worry, bitterness, and indecision so that I may walk in confident obedience today. Thank you for your unfailing love for me.
In your name, Amen.

Thank you for opening my eyes to see your presence, God.
My attitude is always one praise away from being lifted by your mighty hand. Thank you for calling my troubles light and momentary, for I believe you will achieve your glorious purposes through them. Renew me today so that I may see you and praise you with my whole heart.
In Jesus name.

Thank you for being the center of my life, Jesus.
I would be nothing without the power of your grace. Thank you for holding my life together when everything seems to be falling apart. Remind me today that I can always return to you, no matter where I go.
In Jesus Name.

Day 33

Thank you for the opportunity to seek you today, God.
You are above all things, but also evident in all things. Thank you for the freedom to choose to follow you. Help me today to see you and praise you in everything I do.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for how near you draw to me, Father.
I rejoice because I know that even when I feel empty, you fill me with your comfort. You have made today and specifically planted me in it to fulfill your purposes. Allow me to feel your comfort today, Father, and grant me the opportunity to share it with those around me.
In Jesus Name.

Day 35

Thank you for giving me a full, abundant life, Jesus.
I praise you as my only source of life. Thank you for lifting me above every distraction of the enemy and replacing everything I have ever lost with a promise of your provision. Give me the satisfaction of knowing that you are all I need today.
In Jesus Name.

Day 36

Thank you for blessing me with people that I can call my family, God.
I praise you for being present with those closest to me. Thank you for promising your favor to those who commit their ways to you. Help me overcome every temptation around me so that I can draw my family nearer to you.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for calling me to a life that honors you, Father.
I am grateful for today's opportunities to bring my faith to life in everything I do. I surrender my preferences today so that I may fulfill your purposes. Grow within me a desire to see Heaven brought to earth through the work of my hands.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for the security of my salvation, Jesus.
Nothing I've done could merit your favor and nothing I will ever do could separate me from your love.
Thank you for raising me to life as a new creation that is no longer mastered by my sins. Give me peace today as I appreciate the new life I have in you.
In Jesus Name.

Day 39

Thank you for making me unique and special, Father.
I believe you have designed me for a specific purpose.
I bring you all my strengths and weaknesses, and ask that you make something miraculous out of the messes of my life.
In Jesus name.

Day 40

Thank you for the challenges I face today, God.
I believe they are divine opportunities for me to grow in faith and character.
I praise you for your strength in me. Your name is my strong tower, and I am safe in you.
In Jesus name.

Day 41

Thank you for choosing to call me your friend, Father.
Even though I have sinned and continue to sin against you, you don't count it against me.
Instead, you reconcile me to yourself, and invite me back into your presence because of the righteousness of Christ.
I confess today that I am forgiven and free from all condemnation, and I praise you for giving me a brand new start.
In Jesus name.

Day 42

Thank you for walking with me through the valleys of life, Father.
I can see how even through the darkest days, you were there, drawing me closer, and lighting my next step.
As I follow you, I have perfect confidence that your presence is always with me, and you will always lead me.
I thank you for your promise to be my guide to the end,
in Jesus name.

Day 43

Thank you for calling me into your perfect rest, Father.
I praise you because in your presence, anxiety subsides. Your peace that passes understanding floods my soul.
I come to you today believing that your yoke is easy, and your burden is light.
In Jesus name.

Thank you for the struggles you have brought me through, Father.
I realize now that every struggle has served to make me strong, by your grace.
I am standing as a testimony to your faithfulness. And even scars declare your healing power.
In Jesus name.

Day 45

Thank you for the high calling you have given me, Father.
I believe that you have chosen me to accomplish important things.
Even in moments and days that seem insignificant, I know your purpose is working in me.
I praise you for all that you have prepared in advance for me to do, for your glory.
In Jesus name.

Thank you Father, for your promise to finish what you've started in my life.
You have given me strength for this day, and hope for tomorrow.
I stand on the solid foundation of your Word, and believe that every intention you have toward me is good and loving.
I know that you will never abandon me, and I praise you because you are able to present me faultless before your presence,
In Jesus Name.

Day 47

Thank you for the people you have placed in my life, God.
I know you've put each person in my life for a purpose, if I can discern it, and embrace it.
Help me to receive every blessing you desire to bring into my life today through someone else.
And help me to be a blessing to every person I encounter, in a small way or large way, as you lead.
In Jesus Name.

Day 48

Thank you for the place you have planted me, Father, in this season of my life.
I choose to serve you with my whole heart in this moment, trusting completely in your timing.
Help me to see that the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for me. And since all of my steps are ordered by you, I will enjoy the journey you have invited me into, In Jesus Name.

Day 49

Thank you for the freedom you have given me, Father.
I am so glad you are a God of liberation, not limitation.
Thank you for every decision you have entrusted me to make.
I believe today you will be my guide and my compass in every situation, and I thank you for your perfect wisdom, In Jesus Name.

Day 50

Thank you for delivering me when I call to you, God.
Sometimes I feel helpless, but you always come to my rescue, and make me victorious. I believe today I am surrounded by your angels.
And since you are for me, nothing can stand against me.
In Jesus name.

Day 51

Thank you for lifting and carrying my burdens today, Father.
So many times I struggle and strain because I'm trusting in my own effort.
But you are always willing and able to step in. And you always come through. Thank you for stooping to lift my head, and sustain me.
In Jesus Name.

Thank you for allowing me to see another day, Father.
I acknowledge that every breath is a gift from you, and I want to make the most of every opportunity today.
I praise you for numbering my days, and ordaining each of them before I was ever born.
Please enable me to see the beauty and potential in this day, and make it count for your cause. In Jesus Name.